Brake Service High Point NC

Brake Service High Point NC

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, this is especially true when it comes to car brakes. Brakes are critically important to our safety. It is imperative that they be in top working order. Unfortunately, too many people rely on their ears to determine if it is time to have their brakes serviced. They think the absence of a screech means everything is a-okay, when, in fact, by the time you hear the screech you may have already caused damage to your vehicle. 

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There are two indicators that should make you bring your car in for servicing immediately. The first is a screeching noise. If you hear this noise it may be that your brake pads have worn through and your rotors have sustained damage. It is much less expensive and much more safe to have your brake pads changed on a regular basis. It is hard to gauge how quickly they wear out. This is because the type of driving you do has a different effect on them. So, city driving is harder on brake pads than country driving. Wear-and-tear can't be gauged by miles or time passed. We hope you will come in to see and to speak with one of our trained technicians, they are well versed in many different car makes. 

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