Privacy Policy

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Privacy Notice to Our Customers

What information do we collect?
You give us private information such as your Social Security Number and financial information when you fill out a credit application and other forms. We also get private financial information about you from consumer credit reporting agencies.
What information do we disclose to others?
The only reasons we use private information we have about you is to process your transaction or to communicate with you. We don’t give out any more of your information than absolutely necessary.
If you applied for credit, we will give your credit application to one or more banks or other finance companies.
Sometimes we have to give some of your information to the government; for example, to the DOT to process a title or to the Department of Revenue to pay tax on your purchase.
If you purchased other products through us ( for example a service contract or insurance ) we will give information to the vendors of those products.
Sometimes we hire outside advertising agencies. They might send you mailings for us.
How do we protect your information?
Your private information is only available to employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to you.
Who gets this notice?
We provide this notice to our finance and lease customers, customers who buy service contracts and insurance products through us and to non-business customers who have charge accounts with us.
Some of our customers have wondered why this notice doesn’t have a place to “opt-out” of the information sharing. That’s because we only give information to the groups listed above. We will never sell your private information to anyone for any reason.